Something is happening…

Posted by on 01/13/2021 18:16

While the propogandists attempt to demoralize, vilify and divide any conservative and patriotic voice in the nation, those that are paying attention know something is happening. 06 Jan was potentially one of the defining days of the next turning of The United States, and for better or for worse, what happens next will decide the fate of our country and freedom around the world.

The actions and reactions of key figures and organizations that run our highest levels of government and defense, show that not only are the Democrats terrified of a President Trump “on his way out”, but that there is also some 8-dimensional chess happening in the background the likes of which we have never seen. I will review what I think are some of the key movements in this continued fight for freedom.

Social Media Purge of 2021

Immediately following the false flag on the US capitol building, the tech overlords did what the left always does in situations like this…overplayed their hand. Following the “seige” on the capitol, the President tweeted a video calling for peace and non-violent protests. Not only did we see the President banned from all social media platforms for “inciting violence”, we saw hundreds of conservative content creators also banned in the hours following the President for similar reasons (or no reason at all).

Everyone from Sidney Powell to Ron Paul was kicked off of all social media platforms in a matter of hours in the most coordinated mass censorship of an entire ideology seen since 1917 Russia. The mass bans reached a critical mass when Parler was kicked off of AWS

While I think they were imbeciles to ever trust AWS as their cloud provider…the point remains, 1984 is here and Parler was killed for wrong think.

The Democrats (mostly Pelosi) are freaking out

Pelosi and her merry band have been absolutely losing it over the past week. Somehow the second round of impeachment proceedings were ready immediately after the events of 06 Jan, and were hyped up after the DNI delivered his report of foreign election interference. (From Trump’s Sep 2018 EO). The absolute panic and hysteria on the capitol is both entertaining to watch and telling of the fear they have of an “outgoing” President Trump.

In addition to the above…Speaker Pelosi was absent from the floor Monday and Tuesday of this week, and designated a temporary speaker Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday thus far.

You can see this yourself on the House’s website. (Click “Legislative Information” to change dates). The Speaker of the House is not just 3rd in line for the presidency, it is the most powerful position in the legislatures, and has the honor of swearing in new officers to the body and has ultimate authority on the rules and procedures the house follows.

This was Pelosi’s big moment, to finally get the Orange Man…and she is giving the reins of power to someone else? It should also be noted that she was in attendance on Wednesday, even voted to impeach the President. But she was not acting as speaker and instead had another act in her place. WHY?

Take a hit of hopium my friend, the Dems have a rule that might be in play…

Both the Democrats and Republicans have a rule about what reps must do in the event of being indicted/convicted of a crime:

“The Rules of the Democratic Caucus have had a similar provision since May of 1980 with regard to committee positions whereby a Democratic Member who is indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years imprisonment may be imposed would “cease to exercise the powers of chairman or ranking minority member and shall step aside…. “In 2005, the Democratic Caucus adopted a provision requiring a member of the Democratic leadership of the House to step aside temporarily when they have been indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years imprisonment may be imposed”

The republicans have a similar rule in place as well. The reasoning for which is pretty clear…if a member of congress was to potentially go to prison and that member was also the head of a committee, wouldn’t such arrest really invalidate any major legislative action they were pushing? There is a chance some of the indictments have already began, I can think of no other reason for someone as power hungry as Pelosi to give up her shining moment so willingly.

Soldiers in DC – How many is 20,000?

At the time of writing, there are 20,000 soldiers in DC in and around the capitol building. Barricades, barriers and trucks surround a modern day fortress. Soldiers are sleeping in the building overnight, and all this for The Manchurian’s virtual inauguration? Unlikely.

20,000 sets on boots on ground is an absurdly high number for event security. United States Military units are roughly sized:

  • 10 soldiers in a squad
  • 4 squads in a platoon, plus LT and SFC – 42
  • 4 platoons in a company, plus CPT, 1SG, admin staff – 180
  • 4 companies in a battalion, plus a HHC, plus command staff (operations, intelligence, logistics, comms) – 820
  • 4 battalions in a brigade plus a larger HHC, larger command staff (adding legal, chaplain staff, and larger intel, log and comms) – 3,500
  • 3 brigades in a division plus even bigger sizes of all listed above (some divisions will have near battalion sized units as support) – 11,000
  • 3 divisions in a corps, plus command staff and even larger support – 35,000

We are looking at a small corps made up of roughly 2 divisions. Typically units deploy in a battalion sized elements, and sometimes as a brigade. Rarely does an entire division deploy for an operation, let alone two of them. Understand that this force is so large that in theater it would be commanded by a 3 star general at a minimum.

President Trump’s Moves

The President has been busy as well. Even without access to social media, he finds ways to keep the narrative interesting…

  • 05 JAN 2021 – President Trump directs Feds to ensure Antifa is not breaking Federal laws, specifically entry of terrorists and aliens to the country
  • 06 JAN 2021 – Pence neglects his Constitutional duty
  • 06 JAN 2021 – False flag at the capitol building.
  • 07 JAN 2021 – President Trump condemns the violence and asks for peace. Again hits “every legal option” was taken to fight election fraud. Mentions a “new administration” nothing to do with Biden.
  • Right about here, Trump was pretty dark for a time.
  • 11 JAN 2021 – NSC hits at CCP regarding political arrests, and coving up the Chinavirus origins.
  • 11 JAN 2021 – President Trump declares and approves state of emergency for DC….activating FEMA to coordinate relief efforts. Notice how there is zero specificity to the nature of the emergency. Keep in mind, FEMA is the one organization in the US that can legally subvert the Constitution (due process, assembly…) in the event of a crisis/disaster (or emergency).
  • 12 JAN 2021 – White house launches Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office. No idea what this means, but damn is it interesting.
  • 12 JAN 2021 – President Trump order on promotion of Small Modular (Nuclear) Reactors for defense and space exploration.
  • 12 JAN 2021 – Vice President Pence tells Pelosi to shove it
  • 12 JAN 2021 – NSC declass of strategic document of Indo-Pacific framework. Interesting read. Shows the executive has been posturing for war against China since President Trump took office.
  • 13 JAN 2021 – President Trump approves disaster declaration for the states of Louisiana, Utah, Georgia, Connecticut. Freeing money? Or enabling FEMA/Military response?
  • 13 JAN 2021 – President Trump calls for supporters to not be violent and break laws. Avoid the obvious false flags coming this weekend.
  • 13 JAN 2021 – President Trump signs EO amending a 20 NOV 2020 EO hitting against CCP companies and preventing American investment in companies one year after SecDef identifies them as CCP companies. (also of note, Zuckerberg is selling stock like a mad man)
  • 14 JAN 2021 – President Trump statement pointing out how weird it is that there are more troops in DC than in Afghanistan.
  • 14 JAN 2021 – President Trump rescinds $24.4 BILLION from the deep state.

And if that wasn’t enough for you…Dobbs reports The President is aiming to declass all of the Russiagate hoax data

The only accurate prediction about what is going to happen in the coming weeks…is that it will be very interesting.